Pup Choir Presented by ThunderShirt

Pup Choir presented by ThunderShirt is an all-singing, all-howling cinematic sensation. Featuring a virtual choir of Aussies accompanied by their best furry friends, all singing, howling and barking along to the Billboard award-winning song, ‘Thunder’ by Imagine Dragons, and all in the name of creating awareness of canine stress and anxiety. 

Pup Choir presented by ThunderShirt was born as an ode to pups Australia-wide who may undergo stress caused by the fluctuation of our ever-changing world including separation anxiety when their owners return to work.


2020 has brought an overwhelming amount of change for humans, let alone our furry best mates! With many dog owners working from home, dogs are getting used to the constant human presence. When owners are going back to work, many dogs are suffering from separation anxiety and struggling to cope when home alone. 


ThunderShirt coats apply gentle, constant pressure to calm all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. 


Pup Choir is a fun and loud way to raise awareness that dogs can also suffer from stress and anxiety, and the importance of actively preparing for pets separation anxiety as the world continues to change

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